• boba in schertz

    P1 – 3 Phở Bowl 09 Special

  • boba in schertz

    P2 – Phở Tôm (Pho Shrimp)

  • V2 – Bún Bò Nướng (Grilled beef w/vermicelli)

  • Bánh mì Ga nướng (Grilled Chicken Sandwich)

About Us

Quang “Ryan” Tran, co-founder and chef of “3 Pho Bowl 09” restaurant was born and raised in Soc Trang, Vietnam until the age of eight, where his father, Xuong Tran, paid the government all that he owned to allow his family to leave the country. From a booming business to the place they called home, Ryan and his nine siblings left Vietnam in 1978 in pursuit of the better life his father envisioned for them; a better life that has allowed Ryan to ultimately pursue his passion in cooking and serving others within his own restaurant here in the country. Upon embarking this pursuit, Ryan has been able to carry not only on the business talents and wit of his father, but also the gift of cooking and servitude of his mother, Cua. Upholding these vital traits of his parents, Ryan strives to carry on their legacy, particularly his mother’s hospitable warmth. Known by everyone as “Mom”, Cua found immeasurable joy seeing family and friends gathered under the same roof for a delicious meal. Inspired to provide a culinary experience as comforting and welcoming just as his mother timelessly modeled, Ryan cooks and serves others with these memories of his mother in mind and heart.

Why Are We Third?

In 1998, Ryan was blessed to be part of ‘Texaco Chinese Food To Go’ (previously named ‘Mobile Chinese Food To Go’) in Converse where he had acquired the restaurant experiences. Over the years, Ryan has been praying to the Lord for an opportunity to have his own business, but the time was not right until now. God’s timing is perfect, and Ryan could have not come this far without His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who leads and guides him daily and the support from his wife Celeste, children, his mother-in-law Celia, and last (and most definitely not the least) his families and friends. His faith and service inspired him to embrace his personal moto for his business called, “We are Third”. Why third? Simply put, here at 3 Pho Bowl 09, we put our Lord Jesus Christ first, our customer second, and we are third. The 3 Pho Bowl 09 family fully believe we are here to serve and not be served. Ryan thanks the communities for this opportunity to serve them authentic, fresh, and savory Vietnamese food served by friendly, loving, and caring ‘3 Pho Bowl 09’ members.

boba in schertz
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